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Linked2 - terminology

- Product

Linked2's unique approach means we build for you an integration product that you own and you sell. You can use it for as many customers as you like without restriction.

Once the product is built you never have to worry about the target API or system, if there is an update to the target cloud platform, our publisher handles that automatically for all your clients.

Each product is configurable per customer and configuration/settings are provided as a JSON object and are human readable, meaning mappings, rules and variables used in the integration are all transparent to you and us.

When you activate a new client to use a Product you will be simply replacing values in a JSON object via our simple API to enable the client to use your product. Just like filling out the settings of a software product to start using it.

- Stage

A stage is a fully configured and installed product. It is a fully operational integration program running on the Linked2 platform. Once you have your integration product ready you can install as many stages as you have customers at no extra cost to you.

A stage consists of four main components:

  • Filter
  • Transformer
  • PublishContext
  • Support

- Filter
A filter is the first part of a stage and is used to validate the data and relationships before its processed.
The filter enables us to validate properties in data received and relationships between objects in the data with business rules that the data may have to adhere to.


This is where the real integration work is done, on a level that is much deeper than a simple string transformation. The Linked2 platform responds to relationships within the context of the data it is given.

We publish to target systems using our connectors. Each target system requires a connector and the publish context describes which connector to use and what configuration options must be used (such as username, passwords, etc). It may also describe other options that dictate the format of the published data.

The Linked2 platform can proactively raise support tickets on behalf of your customers in the event of an integration failure or warning (you can configure the level). When this happens it can be that you notice an integration issue before your customer does, which we can help you resolve maybe even without your customers attention.

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