Linked2 Beta 2.0 Release

Beta 2.0 release has rolled out and has been in daily use since the start of 2019 with 0 system faults reported, its a really great start for the Linked2 platform.

Where as Beta 1.0 really allowed us to get moving and show our core ideas and concepts are solid and start to do real business data transformations and integration, the Beta 2.0 release has been a huge step forward. We are already running our first happy clients saving them hours of number crunching work everyday.

If your SaaS makes use of integration or you understand that good integration can only benefit your business be sure to read on...

Configuration API

The Configuration API enables end-customer onboarding/activation. This is a white label API that allows you, our clients, to activate integration for your customers as many times as you need without incurring charges from us. It is a fast easy to use two-step process that allows you to tailor each activation to suit your customers businesses.

Integration Products

This is a totally new concept in the integration world and is at the core of a smooth and cheap or even free customer activation experience plus a huge reduction in integration maintenance costs.

We will work with you to build an integration product that you own and you are free to sell or give to your customers as many times as you wish.

We create your integration product in an open way using accepted standards and it is human readable. It includes your business information transformations and validations as well as schemas for the data you need to transfer and transform.

This is a rapid and inexpensive process compared to developing the integration yourself because we take advantage of the Linked2 platform, our tool set, our business data transformation language, and our connectors to rapidly build your integration product. A simple integration product may take as little as a single day to complete, including the full range of notifications, usage tracking, GDPR compliance, and configuration options.

The product can be installed by us or by you via the Configuration API as many times as you wish.

Each time configuration options allow you to tailor the installation to your customers business requirements to create a successful integration for them.

Even though the product is installed on the Linked2 platform - you own it. We will give you complete documentation describing the business transformations and data mappings and you can even take a copy of the product definition itself.

Batch API

While we are firm believers in the power of live links, where your target systems are updated within seconds of events happening in your software, we also understand the need for processing batches of data.

The Batch API can accept arbitrarily large JSON or CSV files. Batch files are processed either in their entirety or broken down into smaller batches or even single documents. Perhaps you wish to upload by batch, but your target system cannot accept batches. For example, you want to upload a weekly set of customers to a CRM system, but the CRM system can only accept single customers at a time via its API. No problem with the Linked2 Batch API just upload your batch of as many customers as you have (file size is not an issue) and Linked 2 can process your batch as single customers sending them one at time into the target system.

Usage Tracking

Linked2 rolled out usage tracking in Beta 2.0 so that each transaction from the smallest detail to the largest of batches is measured and costed. It is this mechanism that allows us to accurately inform our clients exactly what their customers are using. We can report on data volume, data processing and our fees per customer of yours.

This feature, along with the white label on-boarding using your integration products, enables you to bring new revenue and even profit streams online and to charge your customers fairly only for what they use.

GDPR Compliance

We don’t store any of the data we process, transform and publish at this time, except for when the configuration of your notifications has been set to deliver the data that caused the notification as well as any notification messages or a support issue has arisen. This is often important for understanding what happened in the case of an error, and sometimes to get a better picture of what is happening.

When we do store data for notifications or support reasons it is for a time limited period only and that data has the sensitive data masked out. The masking for data is set up as part of the integration product and can not be removed unless you or your customer explicitly requests a change to the masking.

Systems Connector Framework

The Linked2 platform is a receiver of data and a transformer of data. We do not, cannot, and nor should we attempt to define incoming data to us. We are a blank canvas for receiving data, especially business data.

As such we may need to build connectors for specific source and target systems, so it has been important for us to be able to do so as rapidly and reliably as possible.

Beta 2.0 now includes a development framework for rapid deployment of both consumer and publisher connectors that allows us to build new connectors faster and with greater reuse potential.
This means that if we need to build a connector for your system we can do so faster and more reliably than ever and accept your data in a format and structure that you can recognize as yours.

In Summary
Delivering these new features in Beta 2.0 has been exciting work. In Beta 2.1 we have been directing most of our efforts at providing and improving the APIs for a better white label experience and access to these new features.

With Beta 2.1 we expect to release the API for billing and usage tracking enabling full reports of past months as well as live data on the current month for your entire set of customer integrations and customer by customer. We plan to make this data available via an API but also as a push subscription stream enabling live dashboards that do not require user intervention.

There will be a full notifications API enabling much simpler access to integration notifications by customer as well as classes of notification (errors, warnings, success, etc).

We will also be enhancing and updating the Configuration API for a better white label experience.

Beta 2.1 is coming soon and with it our first end to end demos... we'll keep you informed as we transform the way integration is done.


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