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Intelligent Accounting for one of Norways leading sports fashion retailers

Keeping up with accounts with Keepfit!

Background is a trendy online store where you find clothes in both training, yoga, running, leisure, outdoor and sports fashion with fantastic brands. We would say so fantastic that the shop is a big success and as a result achieves high volumes of sales..

Keepfit approached us an integration request to link sales, payments and refunds to accounts using for sales and klarna and vipps as the payment solutions.


We combined mystore paid sales and followed the mystore returns/refund policy to accurately pull the data into accounts daily organised by MVA with a detailed reference back to the original order, we also pushed the data to the data warehouse ready for reconcilliation analysis

Using our Klarna and Vipps connectors we connect all necessary settlement information for sales and refunds.

Quality control

Our implementations team at TheVit AS in Oslo kept an eye on the details, ensuring that full audit and reconcilliation control was delivered. Business Intelligence is also provided as part of the project and as a result Keepfit now have one dashboard for total control of operations - updated daily.

Key Benefits

  • Volume sales and refunds sold through multiple sales and payment providers are no longer a headache to handle. 
  • New payment methods are easier now to change and add
  • Automatic audit trails with a reference that links to the original orders to the accounts 
  • The accounting work is minimised or removed. Any problems or issues are highlighted, rather than spending hours to find them.
  • One dashboard for complete control of payments, refunds, returns combined with your accounting data for cost control.

Conclusions and whats next

Intelligent Accounting has proved to be a major success for retail control. The ability to feed data to accounting but also for reconciliation and analysis means retailers can keep total control daily whilst also understanding how the business is developing with on hand intelligence.

Intelligent accounting is now available for mystore customers who will soon also benefit from seeing which orders and refunds have been processed into the accounts through the mystore dashboard.

You can take contact for more info on Intelligent Accounting here:

References to systems and suppliers (all made in Norway) - Norways leading supplier of eshops - Norways popular cloud accounting system - Norways leading integration platform for financial data - Norways leading accounting and business intelligence suppliers

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