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Invisible integration - part 2

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7 Key factors for successful SaaS to SaaS integration

Completing the vision of integration between cloud systems and the conclusion to part1 of our blog Invisible integration... find part 1 here

1. Invisible Integration
Integration is at its best when it is invisible to end-users. For your customers the integration should just work, just connect. It should seem like a natural part of your own SaaS platform. No 3rd party apps for you customers to install, no 3rd party bills to pay, no knowledge of API or business entities is required by your customers to benefit from the integrations you offer.

2. White Label

Integration is a service and your SaaS service should be the focus of your business efforts. It makes sense to offer integration via a white labelling. Of course you can “do integration” internally, but the costs can quickly mount up.

We can bring cloud benefits to you with:

  • Transparent on-boarding - adding new customers fast, simple
  • Centralised customer support
  • Self-service admin
  • Additional revenue and profit streams
  • Scalability, including a pay-as-you-go model
  • Lower capital and operating expenditure
  • Reduced integration lead times
  • Reduced skill requirements

3. On-boarding Simplicity

We think this is so essential to a smooth integration experience that it has become a separate key factor for us. On-boarding simplicity means that your customers should be minimally aware of the process of getting their integration started.

We manage this by spending time with you and your development team to do all the hard integration work and deal with all the difficult integration issues well before your customers are ready.

We build for you a unique integration product to meet your requirements which can be repeatedly used to install specific live or batch SaaS to SaaS connectivity for your customers.

The product we build allows for variations from customer to customer and these are identified during the build process.
By spending time creating a product that targets your SaaS platform specifically we remove the setup and configuration difficulties normally faced by end-customers when handling integration and the on-boarding process becomes greatly simplified.

4. Managed Integration

We offer Linked2 not as a set of tools you license and install but as a complete solution managed by us with our professional services. You gain access to our integration expertise, experience at building integration solutions, and importantly keep your integration costs predictable.

We can help solve your most difficult transformation challenges and rapidly provide you with a solution that efficiently meets your requirements.

Beyond the initial solution we will help you maintain your integration products including expanding them and adapting them as APIs and other endpoints change over time. We will provide you with the tools you need to monitor data movements across all your integration products and with channelled support for each product to separate or single ticketing system(s).

The concept of a managed service is not to just sell you a license and some consultancy, but we help you manage the whole lifecycle of your integration product, including the white label implementation.

Managed Integration is about achieving integration success by removing the complexity for you across the entire integration product lifecycle.

5. Managed Communication

For an iPaaS solution to work well, especially a white labeled one, here must be effective, managed communication channels.

Your customers need to be informed. Some integrations require more communication than others do and we will help configure that. From success to informational, to warnings and errors and failures you customers need information. If your customer does not see information in a target system when they expect it to be there you can reduce your overhead by allowing them to see reasons for that.

Perhaps their authorisation for the target system failed or maybe data was removed from the target system which prevented a successful integration. These kinds of errors can be communicated to you customers so that they can be encouraged to repair the data error without incurring support from you but more importantly they are not just left feeling let down by the failure.

Linked2 currently provides two separate types of communication, both configurable from customer to customer and at your product level.

Effective, timely and appropriately targeted communications are essential for a white label iPaaS solution.

API and push notifications for success and error reporting. Each customer has their own pipeline and each pipeline can report on itself, with variable levels of detail and messages. Informational, Success, Warning and Error levels can all be selected with a low, medium and high level of detail in the notifications. Each customer pipeline can be set individually and you can choose to expose this to your customers or not.

Pro-active Support:
Warnings, errors and failures in any/all end-customer pipelines can be configured to be sent to your existing support system. If you already operate a support ticketing system, we can push errors as raised tickets into your support system along with the relevant end-customer information and detail about what caused the error. This can often mean your support becomes aware of an integration failure before your customer does.

6. Flexible billing options
With our flexible billing options allow you to decide how to bill your client. We can provide you billing data either by reports or you can fetch billing data per client directly from our API on demand. You can choose to mark-up and how you bill.

7. A method to leverage the white label opportunity for sustainability and growth
Invisible means much more than disappearing into the background. A good white label solution delivers the opportunity to create a new revenue and profit stream while also helping your customers to solve difficult problems.

Opportunities for integration arise with progress and growth and the stronger your integrations are with other products the easier it becomes to win customers. When you are working with Linked2 the implementation of those integration products becomes easier as we work with you.

By talking to us we can help you consider the possibilities, from saving time keying data to proactive profit driving decisions.

With Linked2 we provide you a new world of integration techniques to provide a service to maximise the potential of your client's data.

We challenge you to think outside of the box to share the mass benefits of data exchange and transformation with other cloud vendors, while keeping your customers impressed and the tech invisible.

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