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The accounting example for Sales and Payments in wholesale/retail

Retail - Wholesale Accounting Efficiency -

Background & Problem aim to make it easy for farmers and everyday people to find and buy parts for their farm and agricultural machinery.

Thomas from Dryg explained their problem :"We need to be able to sell online, accept B2C and B2B orders using online eshop, cash, cards, POS. Maintaing all these is possible but its hours spent every week. - We want backoffice efficiency to grow the business"

With so many ways to take payment methods, online or on premise with multiple payment facilitators it becomes difficult to keep track of the manual tasks for both Thomas and his Accountant.

Solution - Intelligent Accounting

Intelligent Accounting is a new accounting service that manages all sales, refunds, settlements and payouts for multiple payment methods from the most popular Norsk sales and payment systems by optimised use of data through integration.

The key for integration companys has always been to automate tasks as part of moving data but with Intelligent Accounting we take extra steps to analyse the data in the same process to provide detailed audit and reconcilliation.

Making use of references that directly link together sales and settlement there is always a traceback to the source system transaction.


We analysed the systems he was using and split the sales paid or unpaid.

The paid sales from the eshop had a reference to the settlement company and the unpaid sales needed to generate a kid number on the invoice through the accounting systems for matching later.

We also made double use of the data, moving it to accounts and a datawarehouse for reconcilliation and intelligence control.

Outcomes and Benefits

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In conclusion

Keeping up with demand on sales and payment methods whilst managing customers and order fullfilment can be overwhelming when your business starts to grow.

References to systems / suppliers

1. Accounting system - PowerOffice Go
PowerOffice Go the accounting choice, its a cost effective easy accounting system that runs in the cloud and supports all Intelligent Accounting features.

2. Online sales - WooCommerce
Woocommerce solved the complex sales problems for us , it was important the online store enabled the customers to select the machine and automatically pick up all the parts that fit.

3. Payment Facilitator for Woocommerce - Collector Bank
Collector are a swedish payments company providing easy options for B2B and B2C, with favourable rates compared to other solutions.

4. TheVit AS Business Intelligence - control and growth
Using the BI team at TheVit we linked all data sources to a Business Intelligence report.
This provides the Accountant and Thomas a complete control for reconcilliation to hand at any point.

Updated daily the report highlights and problems that need to be adjusted rather than the old method of having to find any issues, this process saves hours.
Whats more is that we now have the ability to understand the KPIs needed for to have a competetive advantage, with one dashboard to understand the entire business,

5. Integration - connect everything together!

Linked2 AS provide the integration services, they gave the ability to turn the problem of many systems into scaelablity for growth.

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