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Activation example

A quick start on activating a customer

After we have built your integration product its time to activate your clients so they can start to use it.
In this blog we will look at how to activate a customer. if you are not familiar with Linked2 terminology then start here

In your UI this may resemble a simple button or a switch, or in some more complex cases you may want to capture necessary configuration options that are needed.

1. Authenticate with Linked2 using your clientid and secret

2. Choose which product to activate (you may have more than one product with us)
3. Using the productid, request a new stage to begin to set the customer settings.
4. Optional - validate the stage is correct with our schema.
5. Save the stage with the customer settings, (settings will be your customer info and configurationmused for the integration)
6.Test to check it!

Below is an example of an example configuration for a client, with most properties already filled out, you only need to set a few customer configuration variables for a simple connection to activate and go.

This approach has two big advantages;

1) it makes the activation process for your customers very easy and completely transparent

2) If a necessary update should happen to the integration product we can easily roll-out that update to your customers, or even operate different versions of the same product for different customers.

In other words maintenance and support becomes the support of a single product rather than a multitude of different integrations for each of your customers.

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