• Linked2 - cloud integration platform

    Linked2 is a integration platform (iPaaS) for Scandinavian SaaS commerce.

    Create, manage, monetise integrations for your end users without any code or embed them into your UI with code.

  • Why use Linked2 for integration?

    Focus on your application, let us take care of the integration!

    Faster than your dev team!

    Monetize data flow between apps

    Maximised ROI

  • Connect to any Cloud

    Linked2 is a white-labelled managed integration platform that allows you to integrate to cloud and on premise software.

    Our customers are software houses, clouds ERP's and accountants.

    If your interested in connecting your cloud without the hassle, let us manage your integration for you and enjoy the benefits new functionality, new revenue streams and a new community of users.

  • Linked2 Industry Connectors

    We are currently working on or have ready the following industry connectors.

    Mystore.no Linked2 integration
    Shopify Linked2 integration
    Salesforce Linked2 integration
    SQL Linked2 integration
    Azure SQL Linked2 integration
    24nettbutikk Linked2 integration
    24sevenoffice Linked2 integration
    MySQL Linked2 integration
    Tripletex Linked2 integration
    Visma Linked2 integration
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